The History of Ireland's Leading Steel Construction Engineers

The original company was established in 1878 by Thomas Thompson.

His introductory letter is still the object of this company. The business now has over 120 years experience and has traded through a large number of economic cycles producing engineering products, which have been specified by our customers. These have included farm machinery, turbines, haulage waggons, hydroelectric installations, road making plants, ammunitions, aeroplane parts, heavy steel construction, peat processing machinery, hydraulic machinery, canal barges, fibreglass boats, tipping gears and truck bodies.

First, under its founder and afterwards under the late Fred Thompson, the firm expanded to acquire premises and businesses in Dublin, Waterford, Cork, Wexford, Carrick-on-Suir and Ballyellen. This policy was continued under the direction of Peter Thomas who became Managing Director in 1944.


But even more important, the firm's expansionist policy has always been matched by workmanship from highly skilled craftsmen, a level of high performance that continues today, combining the latest in technological knowledge and equipment with the well - proved engineering skills of true craftsmen.

The pictures displayed below will show more truly than any words the diversity and quality of Thompson's activities over the past hundred years. Indeed in their own way, they tell not only the story of the progressive firm, but of the country of which this firm is a part. Today Thompsons are proud that the company is a leading structural steel producer in Ireland and the leading truck body manufacturer in both England and Ireland.