7.5 Tonne Tipper Bodies

The 7.5 tonne body is Thompsons general purpose body, typically for 4x2 and 6x4 rigids operating at 12 -18 and 26 tonnes gvw respectively.

The 7.5 tonne body is a dropside design, thereby increasing it's versatility in loading and unloading a wide variety of payloads. And it's a strong, tough body too, fully able to address all the work requirements made of it.

The 7.5t is a body that's ideal for councils, contractors, utilities and builders merchants. Totally practical, it's built for one thing - work.

And the harder, the better.

The body your tipper needs

The roles the 7.5 tonne body has to perform can be both wide-ranging and arduous.

Indeed, this is a body that often seems to work harder than the chassis that carries it!

Often specified with cranes or grabs, the 7.5t is adept at anything from taking tarmac to roadside repairs, picking up spoil, and delivering bagged building materials to difficult access and domestic sites.

If resurfacing pavements, for example, the combination of the tipper's dropsides with a 3-way tipping gear enables the gravel or tarmac to be dropped precisely where it's needed.

The 7.5t

Getting the job done!