Loadmaster Steel Tipper Body

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Ireland's top selling premium steel body

Designed for both 8x4 and 6x4 chassis handling the toughest tipper work, Loadmaster combines exceptional built-in strength and durability to meet the years of hard work ahead.


Why is Loadmaster so good?

Because on the one hand it's the result of the tipper industry's most advanced computer aided design technology. On the other, it's a product that continues to evolve and improve as our customer's needs change.

Loadmaster Info

The body your tipper needs

The body your tipper needs

Operating tippers is an unrelentingly tough business.

Yet Loadmaster answers a lot of the day to day issues of truck productivity head on, simply by being the best designed, best engineered and most reliable heavy duty tipper body ever.

Whether fitted to a 6 or 8 wheel chassis, Loadmaster takes all the hard knocks you can throw at it, offering in return standards of strength, durability and longevity that no other Irish or UK tipper body can touch.

Being as tough as it is, Loadmaster also makes a significant contribution to protecting the operator's investment in the whole vehicle, an important factor if other expensive equipment such as cranes, buckets and grabs have also been fitted.

The case for Loadmaster?

Simply rock solid.


The Loadmaster Lite

A development of the standard Loadmaster, the Loadmaster Lite answers those operators needs where payload capacity is more critical.

Suitable for both 8x4 and 6x4 chassis handling a variety of payloads in both medium and heavy duty operation, Loadmaster Lite combines strength and durability that's more than a match for the widest range of applications.

Saving some 300kgs over the standard model, Loadmaster Lite is truly versatile.

Use the Loadmaster Lite for carrying:

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