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New Tipper Body Prop Available

Our tipper body prop holding up a tipper body in a factory

January 2007

We are delighted to announce a new free standing tipper body prop suitable for use in a workshop environment or in the field.

Weighing less than 18kg each, the prop design has been tested and certified, at a Government approved facility, to carry a safe working load of 3000kg. Each prop is finished in a powder coating finish. The cost for 1 pair of freestanding tipper body props is €490 plus delivery.

Features include:

  1. Universal pivoting head can accommodate longitudinal runners up to 90mm wide across the base, pressed runners up to 70 inclusive angle and x-members up to 175mm wide
  2. Stop plates either side allow pivoting head to tilt up to 45 either way
  3. 2 ergonomic handles positioned either side to allow carrying and positioning of the prop with minimal effort
  4. Pressed base plate suitable for all chassis types

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Important Safety Notice

Even though the safe working load of each prop may exceed the weight of a body, it is not sufficient to use only one prop to hold a body up. This method of propping allows side loading of the prop since it is not located centrally under the body. Side loading of a prop can jeopardise the safety of the user.

Body props must be used in pairs and only on empty bodies.