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Introductory letter (scanned letter)

A scan of the original letter by Thomas Thomson which started the business in 1877. View the full transcript of the letter below if the writing is too small

Introductory letter (typed out for clearer legibility)

New Garden, Near Carlow

Dear reader,

At the requst of numerous friends I have made arrangements to resume practice as Consulting and Mechanical Engineer and Surveyor.

I have had twenty-five years' experience, chiefly in the English and Scotch Mill Work, also in the manufacture of Turbines, Waterwheels, Portable and Fixed Engines, Corn and Flour Dressing Machinery, Threshing and Finishing Machines, Saw Mills & c., and am myself interested in several patent machines, which I shall be glad to introduce.

Having erected workshops in a central position, fitted with the most modern self-acting tools and appliances, I hope by personal supervision, promptitude and good workmanship to secure your patronage if favoured with a trial.

I am yours faithfully,


PS - Letters or Orders addresses to the Workshop, New Garden, will have my best attention.

The letter frm New Garden that started it all. The firm moved to Hanover Works in 1904. For interest the firm moved back to New Acre in 2005.

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